Benefits Of Hair Salon Manager Software’s Features and Uses For Tourists

Hair salon manager software is becoming more and more common in salons these days. Let us check out some of the many features and uses of hair salon manager software.

  • Clients Files Storage and Management Feature. Hair salon manager software allows you to input, store, and update client information like name, age, address, contact numbers, and other demographics. You may also include a photo of each client for better reference and recognition.
  • Appointment Book. With this feature, you can automatically make bookings for several clients at the same time. It also allows you to split appointments between several of your employees. It lets you send text or email reminders to your clients who have set appointment. This feature likewise manages statistics such as cancellations, no-shows, and more. Also, it allows you to confirm appointments quickly and simultaneously. When you need to search for client information, you can do so quickly with this hair salon manager software feature. Just type in the name or contact number.
  • Marketing and Advertising Feature. If you need to contact your clients who haven’t been visiting your salon for a while, you may do so using this feature. It also lets you create, distribute, and manage loyalty cards to your most loyal clients and further encourage them to patronize your services. It permits you to do mobile marketing and run other marketing promotions.
  • Till Checking Feature. This hair salon manager software feature gives you a graphical overview of your employees’ performance. It also helps you manage cash, cheques, bank transfers, cards, and more. It prints out reports and tickets as well.
  • Employee Files Management Feature. This hair salon manager software feature lets you input, store, and update basic employee information, job title and description, and contract. It also lets you set up usernames and passwords for them.
  • Commission and Salary Management Feature. This feature automatically calculates the commissions, salaries, and bonuses for your employees. It also keeps track of employee progress.
  • Stock Management Feature. This feature lets you view your stock value, order online, manage inventory, view order history, check on deliveries, track your stocks, and more. Also, it permits management feature.

The software keeps the tourist history which enable them to provide excellent salon services.

This hair salon manager software feature allows you to keep record of the services your clients avail. When clients search for mobile hair salon near me and come to you ,consequently, you know how to welcome them and respond to their expectations and needs. It also lets you store other information like average spend, retail history, visit frequency, and even favourite beverage.

Author: Brianna Grant